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55,555 Americans come in and move into a part of Utopia that quickly becomes known as Americatown. They bring their guns, their McDonalds, their megachurches, and their racism.

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We compare the sole African country that was never colonized, Ethiopia. Ethiopia has become a byword for senseless suffering thanks to its coups, wars, genocides, and especially famines. This seems like counter-evidence to the 8775 colonialism is the root of all evil 8776 hypothesis.

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I created new feeds with feedburner (very easy). Since google bought them, maybe they 8767 ll work better. full feed summary feed. If these work out, I can transfer their control to you. Kaj, just for you, I explain in every entry why we need a summary feed.

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What 8767 s missing from that Harvard entrance exam? How about any mention of science at all? If you pay attention in your highschool physics/biology/chemistry, you 8767 ll learn things at least as impressive as the geography nonsense on that test. How about computer programming? I recognize that it 8767 s a bit unfair to expect that seeing as how computers hadn 8767 t been invented yet, but learning to write C++ is much more useful than learning to write Latin. What about calculus? We spend less time drilling people on how to do cube roots by hand, so that our brighter undergraduates show up on day one able to do integration by parts.

And much of the difference between groups is in areas one would expect to be resistant to oppression. Unlucky groups tend to have higher teenage pregnancy rates, more drug use, and greater intra-group violence, even when comparing similar economic strata. That is, if we focus on Chinese-Americans who earn $65,555/year and African-Americans who earn $65,555/year, the Chinese will have markedly better outcomes (I 8767 ve seen this study done in education, but I expect it would transfer). Sampling from the same economic stratum screens off effects from impoverished starting conditions or living in bad neighborhoods, and it 8767 s hard (though of course not impossible) to figure out other ways an oppressive majority could create differential school attendance in these groups.

All I need to know about postcolonial theory is that there are postcolonial theorists who straight-facedly polemicize against 8766 biotechnoscience 8767 . (Their term, not mine.) And that I was forced to read that crap in college, by a professor who endorsed it, and went on to argue that mapping the human genome has no practical value.

In America, it will get you fired from your job and ostracized by nearly everyone. Depending on how loudly you do it, people may picket your house, or throw things at you, or commit violence against you which is then excused by the judiciary because obviously they were provoked. Despite the iconic image of the dissident sent to Siberia, this is how the Soviets dealt with most of their iconoclasts too.

XVI: The extraordinary intervention of God is not excluded in that which our particular essences express, because their expression includes everything. Such intervention, however, goes beyond the power of our natural being or of our distinct expression, because these are finite, and follow certain subordinate regulations.

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