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Many birds feed themselves by scavenging on dead things. The two vulture species native to North America, the turkey vulture and the black vulture, flock up to make short work of any corpses they find. Both vulture species are dwarfed by the massive California condor, whose wingspan can reach 65 feet and which relish carrion. A sluggish zombie wouldn't stand a change against one of these giants or a flock of vultures. California condors are endangered , so a zombie apocalypse could really give a boost to their population by providing them with an abundance of food.

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Sadly, much of our continent's wildlife has disappeared, and many species continue to decline. Habitat loss, invasive species and climate change are just some of the human-induced challenges our wildlife are facing. You can get involved protecting wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation and help make sure that we have a future filled with these amazing species.

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Some animal species may move into human communities when their own are destroyed. Extermination of marauding monkeys, roaming tigers, or foraging deer is easy to justify by people whose livelihood is threatened. Pollution is another form of environmental change.

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Here is a time-lapse video showing Dermestid flesh-eating beetles consuming the flesh off a series of birds for the Natural History Museum of London. These beetle are easy to raise in captivity and only feed on (un)dead flesh, so they pose no harm to the living. Survivors of a zombie apocalypse could raise these beetles by the millions, and drop them onto zombies to do their work. It might take a few weeks per zombie, but they'd get the job done.

Despite popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand when danger is near. If they cannot run away, they confront the threat with powerful, slashing kicks.

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hopefully they have more to look forward to
more than extinction.

Both species are stealth hunters, and can burst from the water at surprising speeds to pluck large prey from the shoreline. They are quite capable of tearing a human-sized meal into bite sized chunks of meat with their toothy, vice-like mouths. Soft zombie flesh would melt in their mouths like butter.

According   to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list of birds, the information contained in the IUCN Red list version indicates that 65 species of birds from India are critically endangered.

Many people and groups have taken measure to stop the killing of endangered species. Whether the species were killed deliberately, or by accident (in a oil pill) these groups are trying to stop the killing.

An inhabitant of the shallow, murky waters off the shore of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, Vaquita is the world 8767 s smallest and most endangered cetacean. Extensive use of gill-netting for fishing has endangered this marine species, resulting in a gradual drop in population since 6995s.

Clear-cutting can be particularly devastating to forest ecosystems, especially in rainforest ecosystems, where the clearcut land is much more vulnerable to soil erosion when no trees remain to hold the soil in place ².

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