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698 . - Council of Rome, presided over by Bishop Victor, condemns the celebration of Pascha on Nisan 69, and addresses a letter to Polycrates of Ephesus and the Churches in Asia.

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"while they will assert people of faith understand faith to be believing in something there is no evidence of or simply created ideas." But can we at least agree that at least all religions except your fit this category?


As people note below, to answer your question we'd need a coherent definition of god. Until we get such a coherent definition all we can be is agnostic. For any specifically well defined deity we can analyze that definition and perhaps respond in the positive and say "I don't believe in that particular God". But for all Gods, the well defined and ill defined ones inclusive, an atheist can always say "I lack a belief in God" with no further qualification necessary.

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66/77/7558: If Irenaeus and other early Fathers believed in the Millennium on earth and taught this doctrine, why is this not taught by the Orthodox Church (since its position is amillenialism).

His great problem with me is that I do in fact believe everything the Catholic Church teaches as necessary for salvation, including the (quite extensive) teachings which he rejects.

I'm being honest when I say that it feels as if atheists narrow the definition of atheism in order to avoid having to defend any particular positive metaphysical theory. I'll accept that "atheism" properly defined narrowly means the lack of belief in god or gods, but I've never really met anyone who was "merely an atheist". If atheism is a belief, it is held under the assumption of ontological naturalism, which does entail a set of beliefs, assumptions, rational deductive consequences (one of which would be atheism). So maybe it would be more accurate for Theists to engage naturalism and not atheism.

In general, some people in the same cultic group will be hurt more than others, some may not be affected at all, and some may actually benefit. Groups change over time and from one branch or subgroup to another leaders’ personalities change, as do the personalities of various Even persons with secure and intelligent personalities may encounter problems at times, especially during times of transition and crisis—and they may become vulnerable to unethical psychosocial influence and control.

Although both groups realize that Hebrews 9 enjoins keeping the Sabbath , while we in the Continuing Church of God keep the seventh-day as a Sabbath, the Eastern Orthodox do not (see also How to Observe the Sabbath ).

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Attempts to present Mormonism as Christian (. the 8766 restored 8767 church) are as false and wrong as it would be to pass off a fake watch as a Rolex.

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