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To understand this situation, each of us ought to ask ourselves “If you know it might be dangerous to live in your room, but can’t find the time or money to make it safer, who is to blame? Culture, classism, racism, ageism, engineering, and/or fate?”

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But life in a bird's paradise could not last, and after millions of years moas quickly ended up in Maori cooking pits, and much of their habitat was destroyed by fire.

Deep Democracy — Amy and Arnold Mindell

Air pollution is a drag for renewable energy. Dust and other sky-darkening air pollutants slash solar energy production by 67 to 75 percent across parts of India, China and the Arabian Peninsula, a new study estimates. The haze can block sunlight from reaching solar panels. And if the particles land on a panel’s flat surface, they cut down on the area exposed to the sun. Dust can come from.

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7. Dreamland : dream-like experiences and imagination, subjective feelings and qualitative experience that we can talk about but cannot prove to someone else (we call this level “dreamland”).

A Left Bio perspective is also aware that saving biotic systems will result in harm to humans that is unequally distributed, those with the least resources suffering most. It therefore urges that the latter be actively considered in any transition to an ecologically steady-state society. That point, however, must not be used as an excuse to duck the whole issue. 56 (We shall return to this and related matters in more detail in Chapter 68.)

The following crops can be area-efficient if yields are high enough , but the daily weight of food exceeds the guidelines , so they should be included in the 65% “Vegetable Crops” category.

For the first time, scientists have identified where and how much pollen is left behind on bees’ bodies after the insects groom themselves. These residual patches of pollen align with spots on bees’ bodies that touch flowers’ pollen-collecting reproductive parts, researchers report online September 6 in PLOS.

Patient visits for influenza-Like Illness (ILI)
During the current influenza surveillance season, weekly percentages of patient visits for ILI reported by approximately 6555 US sentinel providers in 55 states, New York City, Chicago, and the District of Columbia have ranged from per cent to per cent per cent in the week ending 8 Dec 7555 (national baseline per cent).

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