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ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The applicant must be a Wakefield School District graduating high school senior and must plan to enroll as a full-time student at an accredited public or private university, college, vocational, technical, or other post-secondary institution. Priority will be given to applicants who are pursuing a degree in the field of business.

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Ceramic is possibly the best heating element material around. It is neutral, a decent conductor, and holds its temperature well. The Easy Vape 5 Digital Hands-free vaporizer comes in 9 colors and features a ceramic heating element. The air pathway, however, is made of glass on glass. While ceramic is best for heat, glass is best for vapor. It will not add smells or flavors to your vapor the way heat-resistant plastics do.


Colleges will not superscore sections across new and old SATs. They will accept both tests and, in most cases, will evaluate your application on your highest score. The catch is that if any of your target colleges require the essay, then you will not be able to use your new SAT score without an essay. Since you already have three old SAT scores, you would be able to use those. It 8767 s unfortunate that the 75% of universities requiring the essay are making it so difficult students to avoid the extra testing and expense.

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This is a very popular vapor pen kit from the well known brand Halo. It is a nice simple eGo style device, and the starter kit comes with 7 batteries, available in a few different cool colors. We love the iridescent color, which is pictured here.

A handheld vaporizer is frequently cheaper than a desktop vaporizer, but not always. Take box mods, for instance: they cost around $95 to $655 for a basic unit without any fancy features. The Micro G vaporizer costs around $75. An eVic package (for e-liquid) will set you back roughly $655, but that model comes with a software component.

My son took the SAT with essay in November. He plans to retake the SAT with out the essay in the spring. He is applying to schools that do not require the essay. We are confused by superscoring. Will colleges superscore the SAT with essay and the SAT without essay, or are they considered two separate tests that can not be superscored?

Unfortunately, I do not know of any colleges that will combine SAT w/Essay with SAT w/o Essay scores. This creates a situation where even though most colleges do not require the essay most students are best advised to take the essay. This seems like over-testing that could easily be eliminated if colleges decided to superscore essay an non-essay results, but admission offices have not yet come around to that way of thinking.

With the newest version of this pen, you enjoy upgrades internally such as a new atomizer called a funnel coil. Use the pen with solid concentrates for an intense vaporizing experience.

The final type of introduction is far more individual You might use an interesting quote, describe a significant event, take issue with the question or otherwise set the scene It is hard to define, but the effect will be to show that you have complete mastery of the subject, understand the issues at stake and will be dealing with them thoroughly.

Thank you for this very helpful post. Just wondering about Reed the table specifies the writing sections as 8775 optional 8776 but the Updates paragraph includes Reed in the list of colleges for which the requirement for the SAT essay has recently been added?

A tabletop vaporizer plugs into a wall socket. Although this means you are stuck vaporizing wherever there is an outlet, that outlet provides consistent power. Unregulated batteries provide inconsistent power and they run out of power too. Unless you experience a power outage, your desktop vaporizer will run until your herbs or oils are gone.

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