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A2 coursework language investigation

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 16:26

The School enters the annual Bank of England Target Interest Rate Competition all of our Lower Sixth economists compete for a place on the School team. Teams of students from the Fourth Form upwards enter the LIBF’s Student Investor challenge, where they take control of an investment portfolio with £655,555 of virtual money to invest in the stock market. The Department also runs an internal business competition, where pupils have the opportunity to set up and run their own company with the proceeds being donated to charity.

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Many years later, Shami Chakrabarti wrote that “I do not trust the powerful.” Nor do we, but those studying Politics with us will be able to answer those questions about the powerful in today’s world.

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It is important to have a broad way of thinking, considering geographical issues using the three pillar approach (economic, social, environmental), and at different scales with different players and stakeholders involved.

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A School that is proud of its long and distinguished history, yet one whose prime focus is the needs of its students for the world of the future a School whose pupils achieve outstanding examination results in the most demanding academic subjects and gain entry to the leading universities, yet one that believes that a good education comprises so much more than examination grades – these are two of the hallmarks of St Albans School.

Members of the Drama Department are all active practitioners and have personal experience regarding professional acting, drama school and theatre at university. We aim to encourage and promote students’ communication and performance skills, confidence and talent, as well as nurture their ability to evaluate and reflect. At KS8, we facilitate a safe and relaxed environment for students to experience the 5 Cs of Drama: confidence, creativity, communication, concentration and co-operation. Students also learn about different styles and genres of theatre, from Commedia dell’Arte to performing extracts from Journey’s End, as well as gaining a wealth of important, transferable skills such as public speaking and presentation skills.

At A Level, students engage with the philosophers and theologians who have shaped our world, from Plato to Dawkins and Augustine to Kant. The issues examined range from ‘What does it mean to say something is good?’ to ‘Is freedom just an illusion?’ Students enjoy the subject immensely, as do those who have the privilege of teaching them. We follow the Edexcel specification, which involves a critical study of Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and textual analysis.

Key Stage 8 Science (First & Second Form) The Key Stage 8 Science course is taught in two years in the First and Second Form. In both years Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics are taught as a single subject where the emphasis is on practical work and fostering a love of science, building a firm foundation of practical skills and knowledge for the years ahead.

An enjoyment of reading particularly for Dickens and Shakespeareand for wider reading generally. A good memory for texts studied plus strong written skills. An enquiring and analytical mind, and a desire to forge links and comparisons both within and between literary and non-fiction texts.

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