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Zero Plus Masculine Diesel cologne - a fragrance for men 2003

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 00:09

i just got the Zero Plus Masculine i can say this its a very strong smell but it mellows out after a 6 minute for a warm smell there so many spicys u can smell in this it might be better to wear at night of in cool weather but it works for me all seasons its a very good cologne best place to buy this cologne is at Marshalls for $

i am looking to trade this cologne for something eles its a full bottle

It has a really good price-value.
For example the Hugo Boss Bottled Night costs twice as this, and that frag is a shit.
This is like a much more expensive fragrance.
Give it a try

came across this today in my chemist. I told the lady i was familiar with all the usuals like le male, aqua di gio ect and wanted something different, She suggested this one to me. I have to say for a cheapy it is nicer than most of the other crap I have tried. I get a sweetish masculine cinnomin smell. I don't think it's that bad at all. Just gotta go light on the trigger. I can also get away with this because where i live I dont think the guys even know what cologne is, which is better for me because i can wear just about anything and the ladies will give me compliments

When first spray it immediately remind me something. Oh wait!, now I remember it smell exactly like mosquito coil "Fumakilla". Sigh. This scent only work "better" in colder place.

Now this is value for money. I sprayed it on this morning at 7 AM, we are now PM, in the meantime I sprayed on some YR Hoggar to enjoy the evening, and it's still projecting! Wonderful mix with the sweet tonka bean Hoggar smell by the way.
In the opening it's a fantastic blend of cinnamon and orange, and the heart is warm. It's a mind calming scent to me. I love the stuff!
Oh, the packaging is great too!

Way of smelling is important you put your nose on the applied area and expect recieve exquisite cinnamon is loud at first but after settling down the cinnamon and old powdery vibe remain a good powdery love it

Cautiously tried half a spray after reading some other reviews. Cinnamon is dominant and pleasant but the opening blend of the other spices smells bad to me, cannot put my finger on the exact note. The cinnamon stays throughout and the drydown is actually quite pleasant and sweet. Projection was ok, even with half a spray. Cannot comment on the longevity. I do not recommend it. Please try before you buy.

An ex of mine used to over use this. It smelt awful! Really cheap smelling and just urgh. It may work if you use one spray only, i just hate it when people practically bathe in perfume.

Bought this unsniffed for under 65$ and don't regret it. My decision was based on various reviews and I agree with most of them - this is cinnamon bomb! I don't get any of the citric notes (orange, bergamot) just pure sweet spiciness - nutmeg and cardamon in the opening, ciiiiinnamon in the middle notes and cinammon and vanilla (guess it makes the scent more powdery) and strong violet as it dries down. Very unusual perfume, unlike anything that I've smelt before. Can be worn easily by a girl - my girlfriend likes it much more than women version which is too delicate comparing to this one and wears it almost as often as I do. Lasting power is above average - lasts easily for 9-65 hours. If you like the scent of cinnamon this one is made for you, no matter you're male or female.

A good cinnamon fragrance, but that's all I get from it. Cinnamon, cinnamon and a bit of vanilla. A little bit heavy if overapplied. Good staying power and sillage.

( Instructions on ) How to build a Bomb !!

If you can manage to stuff a few rose petals into a balloon then fill the rest of it with Johnson's Baby Powder, and (most of all) a ton of dry cinnamon (ground so fine that it can easily be sucked up by air, through someone's nose, and directly into their sinuses). You then, POP that balloon two inches in front of that someone's face ?

That person, would have just experienced.

DIESEL. Zero. Plus. Masculine !!

( Luv this one. I always wear this when I'm dragged to a party I don't wanna go to! Does that answer your question, SDavis98 ?) LOL

My fella has this, its soooo difficult to find now though so ive told him to buy another three bottles so we always have it in.

This is just about the best fragrance ive smelt on him, it does wonders for me (us!!) & i find it warm & a little powdery upon dry down. I can smell the vanilla & amber & i think the cinnamon warms the whole scent up on his skin although i cant detect the cinamon in it as an individual note.

Its inexpensive (when you can find it) but a true sensual fragrance with fantastic staying power. I even like it on myself when hes away on business but much prefer it on him.

A star fragrance that reaches parts other fragrances cannot reach!

While I like spicy fragrances this is very one dimensional. A huge blast of fresh cinnamon that lingers for a long while. While I have this and like to occasionally wear it I must say it is a little brash and youthful. More early 75's single bar hopper than 95 something professional. There's a place for this but for me it is increasingly rare that I reach for it over more grown up scents in my collection.

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