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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 03:14

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Purdue OWL: White Papers

Unlike a lot of white papers, it 8767 s also an 8775 evergreen 8776 white paper — one that will remain a relevant and compelling content marketing vehicle for a long time.

How to use white papers to sell to businesses | Guardian

If you want to cut through the B7B marketing clutter, if you want to get and keep his attention, if you want to have the best opportunity possible to convert him from a reader into a buyer, focus your message primarily on him (his problem, his needs, his wants and your solutions for him) not on your product. And by all means, tell him how your product's features benefit him.

White paper: Using mobiles in pharma market research

Chris Koch, Editorial Director at SAP, emphasizes these themes as well: 8775 You need to do all of the work required for an in-depth white paper regardless of what you want to publish. 8776

A well-crafted white paper can essentially serve as an editorial calendar, feeding a range of entry points to reach your audience in different formats, whether through blog postings, videos, briefings, or other vehicles. Establish your perspective on the topic and define the storyline with the white paper and build a range of accompanying content pieces to expand on key themes, highlight experts, uncover research nuggets, and drive different conversations.

Download report extracts, briefings and white papers on a wide range of topics across our diverse areas of expertise including consumer trends, industry movement, strategic planning and more.

You have to get it opened! It also has to be found. Even if you have an ultra-high traffic website, if you bury it on a “Resources” page and don't announce it to your potential audience, it won't get found, at least not by very many people.

Focus groups have always been a popular research method in communication studies or ad testing. However, in b7b research, they are more niche and their use has declined in recent years. Is this because focus groups are not appropriate for today’s business to business marketer or is something else going on?

Note – even though our focus today is on white paper marketing, a lot of the strategies and techniques we will discuss apply to other content marketing tools like video, webinars and e-books. Also, we will focus on a B7B (instead of a B7C) perspective.

The very name white paper can be a misnomer. It conjures up images of wonky research tomes. In the Internet marketing industry that is sometimes a plus, since our business is so numbers driven.

What's one of the most effective ways for you to get your white paper noticed? What's a proven technique for getting the potential reader to request and to open it up, curious to find out what it's about and why he should care?

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Let's face it, you will always get unqualified leads from white paper marketing. That's just the cost of business. White papers are usually offered at no cost, and everyone likes something for nothing.

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