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The awareness of an imminent comprehensive change in one's core behavioural structures. Here clients perceive a major lifestyle change, one that will radically alter their future choices and other people's perception of them. They are unsure as to how they will be able to act/react in what is, potentially, a totally new and alien environment - one where the 'old rules' no longer apply and there are no 'new' ones established as yet.

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Once constructs have been elicited their hierarchy and interlinking can be found by 'laddering' and 'pyramiding'. The former takes one upwards towards the highest core constructs whilst the latter provides a detailed map of a person's lower level construct map in any particular area. By asking questions like "which is more important a or b?" and then asking 'why?' questions one can ladder quite quickly and easily.

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Balnaves M. & Caputi P., 6998, Corporate Constructs To what Extent are Personal Constructs Personal?, International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology, 6, 7 p669 - 688

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If you create a translated version in another language of John Fisher's Process of Transition diagrams I would welcome a copy (doc or ppt or pdf file) to share on this website. You may add your name to the attribution for having made the translation, using the the format: "Translated by [your name/organization - year of translation]".

Maintaining its focus in the face of today’s global challenges, The KP enables nations, governments and organisations to share their expertise and insights, and to have a positive, long-term impact on the trade in conflict diamonds and the lives of people in genuine need.

Can I wash my face after 65-69 days? When m y technician finished she put protector: sealant on my brows then put Saran Wrap on them for an hour. The only after care instructions she gave was to never wash or cleanse during healing time. Those instructions are a bit vague because healing time could be the initial 65-69 days or the full 85 days. I just want to know when is it safe to totally wash my face with a gentle facial liquid cleanser?

The Individuality corollary - "People differ from each other in their construction of events". We all see things differently.

Hi. I just had my brows done 5 days ago. They 8767 re dark so I was looking forward to the scabbing process to lighten them up. Going into day 6 and no signs of my skin starting to scab! No thickening or tender areas either, just dark, heavy brows. Will they not lighten up if I don 8767 t scab? I 8767 m scared! 😳

Day 97 (after touch up) : "These are better than I could have ever imagined!!!" And now you are back to the way you felt after the first day Trust me when I say that this is a real cycle.

Hello! Thank you for all of the helpful info!! Pretty sure my esti told me most of that before my initial appt but it 8767 s quite different afterwards while going through the healing process. Lol
I have a couple of questions: What is the process like after the touch up? Is it the same thing all over again? Will I need to follow all the same aftercare instructions as well?
Thanks in advance!

So we can see that our perception of the situation could be escalating in 'severity' of impact and importance to our sense of self as we go through the phases. We descend into the trough of depression via a small impact on our sense of self (anxiety), speed up through a greater realisation of impact and meaning (fear, threat) and then comes the realisation that (potentially) our core sense of self has been impacted and our 'self belief system' undermined to a large extent (guilt, depression) which contradicts who we thought we were.

I know that the pigment of my eyebrows will eventually go lighter, but what about the overall thickness of it? Will the stroke shorten? My eyebrows look so thick (almost like blocks) and I 8767 m not sure if it 8767 s fixable or if healing with make it look more natural and thinner 🙁

As with any personal transformation, there are no clear boundaries to any of these stages. It is more of a gradual realisation that things have subtly changed. On a personal note my mother had a major stroke some years ago that has left her incapacitated down one side over the succeeding years I've noticed that our benchmark of how we see her has gradually lowered over time - the 'highs' are lower and the good days less good - but, as in many walks of life, they become the new norm.

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