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She loves to travel and experience different cultures through language, food and music. She is currently learning to speak Chinese and Italian. 8775

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For survival plots, include the number at risk for each group included in the analysis at intervals along the x-axis scale. For any figures in which color is used, be sure that colors are distinguishable.

Brain Tumor Pathology – incl. option to publish open access

A structured abstract is required Systematic Review articles should include a structured abstract of no more than 855 words using the headings listed below.

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Identify regression models with more than 6 independent variable as multivariable and regression models with more than 6 dependent variable as multivariate. Report all variables included in models, as well as any mathematical transformations of those variables. Provide the scientific rationale (clinical, statistical, or otherwise) for including variables in regression models.

Clinical Practice Guidelines: In the Discussion section, describe current clinical practice guidelines, relevant to the topic of the review, if available, and whether the conclusions of this review agree with, or disagree with, the current clinical practice guidelines. If this is done and there is more than 6 guideline, a table should be prepared comparing the major features that differ between the guidelines. Guideline quality should be discussed using the standards outlined for the JAMA Clinical Guidelines Synopsis.

Findings: Results of the study/review. Include the design (eg, clinical trial, cohort study, case-control study, meta-analysis, systematic review). Focus on primary outcome(s) and finding(s). Do not emphasize secondary outcomes. Report basic numbers only but state if results are statistically significant or not significant do not include results of statistical tests or measures of variance (see example below). Can include 6 to 7 sentences.

Critical assessments of the literature and data sources pertaining to clinical topics, emphasizing factors such as cause, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, or prevention.

Neil is interested in all aspects of General Practice and is married with three children aged 65 to 66 years. He enjoys photography and anything to do with cars.

Trial Registration: For clinical trials only (not nontrial observational studies), the name of the trial registry, registration number, and URL of the registry must be included. See Trial Registration.

Ratings of the quality of the evidence. Tables summarizing evidence should include ratings of the quality of the evidence. Use the rating scheme listed below with ratings of 6-5 for Reviews that include individual studies (modified from the Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine for ratings of individual studies).

Setting: Describe the study setting to assist readers to determine the applicability of the report to other circumstances, for example, multicenter, population-based, primary care or referral center(s), etc.

These papers may address virtually any important topic in medicine, public health, research, discovery, prevention, ethics, health policy, or health law and generally are not linked to a specific article. Viewpoints should be well focused, scholarly, and clearly presented.

Dr Marianne Chi graduated from the University of Adelaide and completed her training at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

Evidence Review: Describe the information sources used, including the search strategies, years searched, and other sources of material, such as subsequent reference searches of retrieved articles. Methods used for inclusion of identified articles and quality assessment should be explained.

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