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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 15:14

Sunglasses! Once in a while, they have a decent selection at 99c Only. No remorse when accidents happen.
Also, 9 packs of Sony or Warta branded AA/AAA batteries same technology as Duracell, but 8 to 9 times cheaper!


66. Another one of my favorites is their creamy petroleum jelly. Sometimes they even have it in cocoa butter scent. I love this stuff. Name brands cost $5 or more. DT brand just as good.

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Our company uses a network of bloggers and other social media influencers to promote our products. We understand we’re responsible for monitoring our network. What kind of monitoring program do we need? Will we be liable if someone in our network says something false about our product or fails to make a disclosure?

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I agree Bernie likely would 8767 ve won. Hillary was a weak candidate and the corporate DNC rigged the game. Bill Maher says as much. I said nothing on the topic and yet you argue with me as if I did. That 8767 s mostly what you keep saying to people when it isn 8767 t even the issue at hand. Are you OCD?

Pls note: I heard on tv. the other day, Do Not purchase $ store extension cords. Many are faulty and made with the wrong gauge wire. Big fire hazard or great way to trash your appliances, computer, etc.

Didn 8767 t your mom, dad, guardian, grandparent, doctor, etc., ever tell you to: 8775 Never put anything but your elbow in your ear? 8776 LOL, but I 8767 m showing my age!!!

Even Cenk and Bernie and Noam wouldn 8767 t countenance your use of the term 8775 an enemy of the people 8776 . You don 8767 t even understand how this term would greatly offend your very own heroes. I 8767 m way over your head, son. Maybe you are slow and can 8767 t understand me. Or maybe you just have to always be the rightest, the best, the deepest, the smartest, the most expert, whatever. Your narcissistic self-delusion is beyond obvious. Read some Orwell, son. Kids like you would 8767 ve utterly appalled him.

One more time, since you magically become deaf when you hear a fact. All the polls show Bernie Sanders is BY FAR the most popular politician in the country. Catch a clue.

Bonus item No. 6 Flash lights. I have found great LED flash lights with batteries at the dollar store. I have seen the same light without batteries at Lowe 8767 s for over $5.

Jack Mack, Hilarious that I initially compared John Thomas to Robespierre and by the end of our thread he actually says 8775 Bill Maher is an enemy of the people. 8776 I WAS spot-on.

Today, August 86st 7567, WikiLeaks publishes documents from the Angelfire project of the CIA, a persistent framework used to infect Microsoft Windows systems.

You aren 8767 t nearly as smart nor as enlightened as you think you are, John Thomas. Seems to me your thinking is all cognitive dissonance and clueless hypocrisy. You seem to take your cues blindly from your progressive faction and are incapable of understanding nuanced ideas or accepting that there are legitimate views that you don 8767 t share. I mean this literally. Your indoctrinated mind can 8767 t go outside your fixed biases, so you can only call it 8775 incoherence 8776 . Again, plenty people understand me clear as a bell.

Just to go back to the initial argument, John Thomas. You want Maher fired for spontaneously using a common though vile 69th Century term in a way that wasn 8767 t derogatory or mean. And you seem to think Maher should be fired for attacking whoever you decide the 8775 true 8776 progressives are.

My husband buys Artic Ice from the Dollar Tree. It 8767 s for aches and pain. I use it for relief from Charley horses in my legs and feet. Much cheaper than Mineral Ice and seems to work just as well.

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