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Psychology is now accepted as a science in the majority of university applications, an understanding of people is helpful in every field ranging from medicine to business. In fact many of these degree courses contain an element of psychology and the A level course should benefit students throughout their studies.

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Science Practical Endorsement: In addition to the two written exams sat at the end of the academic year, the course includes a Science Practical Endorsement which is composed of 9 Core Practicals relating to the first year of the specification.

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Assessment is through a 6-hour and 95-minute examination. The total number of marks for the paper is 85, with 95 marks for reading and 95 marks for writing.

Qand A: GCSE and A-level exam re-marking explained

Modules can be retaken once in theory. But the best person to ask is your Exams Officer or manager. They know your daughter 8767 s situation and can discuss all the options open to you. They may depend on when the school certifies / has certified the core science results. The exams officer is a GOOD person to get to know!

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It 8767 s an astonishing attitude from the school, but not uncommon. They should allow students to go on to A-level with a B grade most do. You might have to do some negotiating. They should of course retake the coursework/controlled assessments and submit the best, but it sounds like they can 8767 t be bothered.
A-level sciences are a challenge, but with the right attitude and support, he should be OK. Different teenagers develop at different rates some find the transition difficult but others seem to become 8766 adults 8767 during the summer break and have no problem at all with A-levels.
I hope this helps let me know if I can help with getting him an A grade.

The course consists of 65 broad topics that cover all aspects of business issues. In the first year we cover An introduction to key business areas: marketing, operations, finance and human resource management. This includes a special focus on decision making – particularly how decisions made in one area can affect the rest of the business.

. Resources from this publisher are low cost. They include revision guides, workbooks and specimen exam papers roughly £6 each. Good value despite what I said about textbooks.

Mr Don Ho has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Victoria (Canada) and Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta (Canada). Don was also awarded the South-East Asia Business Research Grant and the Asia Pacific Scholar's Grant. Don has been a tutor in Hong Kong since 7555.

OCR do two science courses Gateway and 76st Century. They are quite different. Both involve Core and Additional Science, but different topic structure and different practical assessments.

Hi I missed my GCSE additional science biology exam edexcel and I was wondering what will happen next like could the fact that I missed biology mean that I 8767 m not allowed to do my chemistry and physics ones I 8767 m doing the double award

No significant difference but then you don 8767 t have a choice! Your school will determine which course they offer. All science GCSE courses are tending towards teaching for understanding rather than memorising facts, which is a good thing. Applying facts, as you put it, is what science is all about. As for grade boundaries, these are set for each paper. I don 8767 t keep up to date with them as they are of no use at all for teaching or learning. Knowing, for example, that last year the pass mark for a grade B was 68% is no help for someone revising for next year 8767 s exam. You 8767 re stuck with simply putting the work in, understanding the material and testing yourself repeatedly.

Paper 7 involves a more in depth understanding of any of the key subject areas of the syllabus. To facilitate this higher level of understanding, certain aspects of the syllabus will be covered in more detail.

The school says he can 8767 t loose by resitting as he will keep which ever grade is higher. However I am getting conflicting information from many different sources.

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