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That s very inspirational!
And I also would like to add that even with low GPA you can apply to good schools. It s your life.
My only advice would be to go for both safety and good colleges. There s a great list of colleges with low GPA requirements. Best of luck!

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I think that there needs to be more encouraging college counselors because I got into two ivy-league schools with a gpa, 78 ACT, and no SAT scores. Brown and Dartmouth! This is no joke. I had doubts of course, but my college counselor told me to apply anyway and I got in. It s about you as an applicant and that special factor in your app. I ll be going to Brown in the fall:)

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Even though I don t know you I just wanna say that I believe in you. Also, if you feel bad about crying, don t. I just cried for 85 minutes because I got a C in one of my classes and my parents get mad at anything below an A-

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9 years later You definitely should, or should have, applied to a college because the worst thing that can happen is a decline. If you really want to do something, don t let anyone tell you not to.

Hello, I m kind of worried my gpa would turn out to be between a -. I already have good extracurricular s and I m working on more. I am trying to strengthen many aspects the admission process looks at. What can I do to better my chances of getting into Columbia University? I REALLY want to go there to become more intellectual, experience new cultures, and experience New York as a whole.

I ve been so stressed out lately. Senior is coming up next year. College application are about to start. I m so worried I won t go to my dream school. Freshman and sophomore year were terrible for me because of family troubles and depression. Junior year was my last shot and I gave it all I had and got the best grades I ever had so far in my high school career. However, my act score is horrible. I received a 75. Here are my stats:

hey anonymous!
i m really impressed with your statistics
i got to an international school in dubai and i m really discouraged by my college counselor who says that with a gpa
and 6955 sat score. i have no chance at any competitive colleges.
congrats on Brown btw!

I m a junior in high school and I have a GPA average mostly because of my freshman year. My SAT scores aren t too bad, 6885. Also, I have been doing community service at a medical home for a year. I have learned from my mistakes and I m working diligently to try and improve my GPA. Are there any colleges that would accept me? Specifically ASU, WVU, UofA, Boulder (Colorado)..PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TELL ME WHAT SCHOOLS I SHOULD LOOK AT!!

Any how, all I m trying to say is keep your goals realistic. If you have a low gpa you can try some back up schools but you just might be looking at community, trade schools or the military. Life is rough and high school grades along with sports commitment surprising do end up mattering later on in life.

You got into Columbia with a 7855 and a ? Well a Columbia atendee should know the diffewrence between there and their .

my gpa is a because I fell into a deep depression my 7th grade year of middle school and only recently overcame it. I really dont know what my options are and its my senior year so i have little to no time to bring it up.

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