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scientist (n.): Someone with a highly advanced academic degree who seems to only use their wealth of knowledge to make pedantic challenges against the movies you love.

The Boarded Window (By Ambrose Bierce) Text & MP3 File

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Aesop's Fables - Online Collection - 656+ fables

star (n.): The cosmic cousin of the Anglerfish, which dazzles nearby objects with a bright light before eventually consuming them.

Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories (TV Movie 2006) - IMDb

With a shake of the hand and a pleasant parting word the man passed on. That he had mistaken me for my brother was plain enough. That was an error to which I was accustomed and which it was not my habit to rectify unless the matter seemed important. But how had I known that this man's name was Margovan? It certainly is not a name that one would apply to a man at random, with a probability that it would be right. In point of fact, the name was as strange to me as the man.

privacy (n.): A basic human right one irrevocably surrenders upon the severing of their umbilical cord, to be returned no earlier than the moment of their death.

swat (v.): To communicate one’s commitment to rational, unbiased discourse through the medium of armed killers.

moderator (n.): A human being who has obtained a modest amount of authority in an internet forum. Despite the unexceptional nature of this power, those conferred with it are prone to exhibit the wanton tendencies of mad kings.

I seem once to have lived near a great city, a prosperous planter, married to a woman whom I loved and distrusted. We had, it sometimes seems, one child, a youth of brilliant parts and promise. He is at all times a vague figure, never clearly drawn, frequently altogether out of the picture.

robocall (n.): A politician’s way of telling you that you are not important enough to be spoken to by a real person.

An unnamed country maintains an army of children between six and fourteen, who run their training and organization without any adult help. When an inferior nation insults this country, war is declared and the children’s army launches an attack.

Icahn (n.): An activist whose mission is the transfer of all money from individuals not named Carl Icahn to individuals named Carl Icahn.

At that moment my attention was drawn to a light that suddenly streamed from an upper window of the house: one of the servants, awakened by what mysterious premonition of evil who can say, and in obedience to an impulse that she was never able to name, had lit a lamp. When I turned to look for my father he was gone, and in all the years that have passed no whisper of his fate has come across the borderland of conjecture from the realm of the unknown.

cannabis (n.): A sinister plant whose devastating effects include affability, joy, arousal, pain relief, profundity, and a desire for nachos.

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